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Finding the Best Headphones for Your Classroom 

In numerous classrooms, audio learning is becoming an increasingly common method of teaching. It can be used to introduce and enhance multiple learning activities for all ages and abilities. This provides students with opportunities to learn in new ways, helping them get more out of their education. Finding the right headphones for your students and their needs can help to give their learning a new and exciting format.  

As the new school year approaches, it is also becoming more and more evident that in at least part of the country, the curriculum will need to be taught online from home to ensure students' safety. The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, and many states are struggling with spikes in case of numbers as children re-enter classrooms. School districts are creating their regulations around this, but it is clear that currently, the safest place for a lot of students is at home where they can social distance. Distance learning like this is not ideal for most children, but they should still receive a high-quality education with the right technology. 

When looking to buy headphones or headsets for your school or classroom, focus your search by answering these four questions. Considering these principles will help to ensure that your choices are explicitly tailored to your students and their learning needs, helping them to get the most out of audio learning tools.   

Are they Age Appropriate? 

There are so many different headphone brands and models on the market. This gives you the freedom to find options that are designed specifically for children. Select models that are age-appropriate for the students that are going to be using them. For example, headphones designed for kindergarten-aged students will be focused primarily on comfort and will often be made from materials that can withstand accidental rough play. Conversely, school headphones designed for older students may offer better audio quality, while still providing a snug fit. 

Regardless of your target demographic, we highly recommend picking a comfortable style and can easily be adjusted. Look for headphones that have a padded design and an easily adjustable headband. This allows students to make the headphones fit their heads securely and comfortably, allowing them to focus on the audio stimuli that are helping them learn entirely. It also means that the headphones can be properly utilized by students spanning a range of ages and sizes where necessary, making them a cost-effective purchase.   

What design will work best for your students? 

It may feel overwhelming when considering all of the different design options on the market. Remember to consider what your planned audio learning initiatives are and find a suitable headset that can match this while remaining appropriate for your students' age-range.

Thinner headbands and smaller earpieces may be sleeker and more comfortable for students to wear for more extended periods, but they don't block out all outside noise. Larger models with bigger earpieces are often able to block out external noises leading to fewer distractions, but some students may find them uncomfortable for long-term wearing. Choose according to your specific needs.

If you know that these headphones will be used for online communication or language-learning tools, opt for a microphone headset. This allows your students to interact with you or the learning material, significantly improving their experience. Not only does this help to enhance students learning and their understanding of topics, but it provides new methods of teaching, which many students can significantly benefit from.   

What is your classroom/school budget? 

In a perfect world, money would be no object, allowing you to purchase the best headphones for your students' needs. In reality, this is very often unfeasible. Before you even begin searching for headphones, create a budget that you need to stick to. Developing and adhering to financial limitations means that you will often immediately narrow down your options, making it a much easier choice.   

If you have financial freedom, it's often more cost-effective in the long run to purchase headphones that are more expensive, but better quality. Buying headsets built to withstand frequent use without breaking will last a lot longer than models that are cheaper and low-quality. Where possible, aim for the best quality rather than the lowest cost.   

Where possible, buy audio equipment in bulk by coordinating your planned purchase with other classrooms or schools in your district. Many stores and brands offer discounts for educational buyers and bulk purchases. This will help lower costs for your classroom or school and enable you to purchase higher-quality headphones at a more affordable price. 

Are these headphones going to work with the school’s existing technology/devices? 

Most schools have several devices that can offer exciting new learning tools and opportunities when used with headphones. But it's important to recognize that not all headphones will be compatible with all devices. Some headphones might work with your schools' computers, but not their tablets or vice versa. Make sure you check what ports your existing devices have so that you can look for headphones that match these. Most devices offer a standard 3.5mm port that can be used to connect a standard headphone jack or TRRS adapter, making this a safe choice for your headphones, but you can also opt for a USB port, which is becoming increasingly popular.  

It would help if you also considered potential equipment upgrades that your school is likely to go through. If you know that your school is planning on purchasing new technology equipment in the near future, you should check to see the headphones you want to be compatible with them. Because this is often not possible, we recommend versatile options such as multi-plug adapters or even wireless options. These choices mean that no matter what equipment your school purchases, the headphones will remain compatible. Although multi-plug options are slightly more expensive than just a standard headphone adapter, this is still a cost-effective choice if it ensures that your students get more use out of them in the long-run. 

If you want to learn more about finding the right headphones for your educational needs, get in touch with Give our friendly team a call or send us an email, and one of our experts will be happy to help! We work with teachers and schools to provide audio learning tools to students across the globe. We are dedicated to offering audio solutions that can improve your students' quality of learning.   


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