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If you are a teacher focused on audio learning, you may consider several different school headsets designed for educational environments. To make the process easy, before you begin your search, you will want to determine what features and functions would work best for your audio activity or application. Once you decide what features best meet your specific needs, search to find the perfect school headset for you.

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One solution is the Advanced School Headset. They are also available in blue, green, black and white.

Some teachers prefer Noise Cancelling Microphone Headsets because they help eliminate background noise that can be distracting for some students.

Koss Headset with Noise Cancelling Mic

For top sound quality delivery that includes a noise-cancelling design, these microphone headphones are just what your classroom needs. These headphones are a wonderful educational tool that will allow students to hear and speak with clear, undisturbed quality. This Koss Headset SB40 with Noise Cancelling Mic is designed for performance, comfort and high-quality sound. Ideal for multiple different environments including libraries and classrooms.

The good news is with so many different choices, it's easy to find a school headset to meet any of your audio requirements and needs you may have.

Maybe you have a learning game that you require a gaming headset for. You can also check out Gaming Headset Califone GH507 designed that is specifically designed for a richer experience and more comfortable fit.

Gaming Headset Califone GH507

For the ultimate gaming experience this gaming headset is truly what you need! Not just young gamers, but young students too will love to use the Gaming Headset. The headset is not just for playing video games, but is also great for use in the computer lab or the classroom.

If you are a teacher looking for a durable solution for a classroom, library or computer lab, check out the EDU-455M Over-Ear Stereo Mobile Headset.


For a cost effective solution, the Microphone Headset SMB-25VC is also designed for students in learning environments.

School Headset with Microphone SMB-25VC

For ultimate comfort, these headphones include an adjustable microphone, volume control directly on the device and a 6-foot cord, which uses a 3.5mm plug for easy connection to most hosts in use today. The earpads are very comfortable because of the vinyl padding and very easy to clean so there is no issue with multiple users throughout their lifespan.

EDU-455M Over-Ear Stereo Mobile Headset

Finally, the EDU-455M Over-Ear Stereo Mobile Headset which is recommended for the education market. This microphone headset is perfect for any environment whether it is in use outside or inside. The headset features noise‐canceling microphone with internal windscreens, replaceable ear cushions, heavy‐ duty rigid boom and swivel, and extra long 8‐foot cable with in‐line volume control and a single 3.5mm 4‐pin shared audio plug (TRRS).They can provide high sound quality and crisp, clear receiving of audio via the sensitive microphone.

There is an ever-growing list of early education audio applications available to teachers and educators today. We hope this information is helpful in assisting you determine what is right for you.


Learning Headphones
Learning Headphones

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