AE-66 Foldable School Headset

The AE-66 Headphones are a Headset with In-Line Mic, and features an innovative hinge design that allows both ear cups to fold away into the headband. The AE-66 headphones stow away easily in classrooms and storage lockers that don’t have space to spare.

However, the AE-66 Headphones do not compromise on sound quality; vinyl earpads and full-size speakers combine to produce a high-fidelity sound that enables students to listen to audio instruction with unmatched clarity.

The high comfort padding is some of the most comfortable ear pads available in the industry and put them in one of the most highly adjustable headsets available.

Additional headband padding also holds the AE-66 Headphones securely in place without compromising comfort or fit. By conforming to the ear extremely well, the AE-66 Headphones also offer superior passive noise reduction properties.


  • Adjustable, vinyl padded headband
  • Single 3.5mm plug
  • Vinyl, non-removable earpads
  • Braided nylon 5' cord
  • Speaker size: 40mm

Minimum Order: 3


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