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Deluxe Cassette Recorder-Player - Learning Headphones

Deluxe Cassette Recorder-Player

Ideal for small groups, the Deluxe Cassette Recorder/Player promotes collaborative audio lessons. Seven built-in headphone jacks allow multiple students to hear the audio of one cassette, at the same time.

Tone and volume controls allow students to find the right level of sound, and auto stop provides convenience at the end of each lesson. To ensure long-lasting life, the recorder is built of strong, durable plastic to withstand years of frequent use.



  • 10 watt amplifier
  • Seven ¼” headphone jacks built into the system
  • 2 x 3 digital counter to keep track of lesson points
  • Auto-stop function
  • Built-in electret mic
  • Sturdy ABS construction with sturdy handle
  • Detachable cord that’s simple to replace
  • Warranty: For school/business uses for 1 year from purchase date
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