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Kids Computer Peripheral Package - Learning Headphones

Kids Computer Peripheral Package

Learning to use a computer can be daunting for young learners, which is where the Kids Computer Peripheral Package comes in as a reliable option for educators to integrate into their classroom.

This package includes a kids’ keyboard, headphones and a mouse for multifunctional use. The keyboard is color-coordinated to help users understand the function of each key, while the noise-reducing headphones promote focus.

To navigate the computer screen, a mouse with a strong, reinforced cord is easy to use and lasts through heavy use by multiple students.



  • Color-coded Kids Keyboard with green function keys, yellow consonant keys, orange vowel keys, red number keys and Microsoft Office Hot Keys
  • Noise-reducing headphones with an adjustable headband and reinforced.
  • 10’ cord Slotted baffles protect the internal speakers of the headphones from damage
  • KM100 mouse with reinforced connector
  • Mouse features a smaller design for younger students with a USB and PS2 connection
  • Optical tracking allows for more accurate mouse use
  • Warranty: 1 year for use in early childhood centers, schools
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