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Kids Keyboard - Learning Headphones

Kids Keyboard

Educators can help their students succeed when learning computer functions by providing them with the Kids Keyboard.

This student keyboard is color-coded for ease of use, helping young children figure out sections of the keyboard and their functions. Green keys label functions, red keys make numbers stand out, orange keys highlight the vowels, while yellow keys mark consonants.

With an attached USB cable, it’s easy to connect the keyboard to any compatible computer or laptop.



  • Designed for younger students
  • USB connection
  • Green keys label functions
  • Red keys label numbers
  • Orange keys label vowels
  • Yellow colors label consonants
  • Microsoft Office Hot Keys including Playback, Volume Control, Home, Favorites, Track Selection, Standby, Email and Search
  • Warranty: 1 year - for use in early childhood centers, schools
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