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Single Ear Multimedia Stereo Headset - Learning Headphones

Single Ear Multimedia Stereo Headset

In some cases, you don’t want noise-cancelling headphones. The Single Ear Multimedia Stereo Headset is the perfect solution, offering a one ear-cup design, so one ear stays covered for listening to audio, while your other ear is open to listen to your surroundings.

These are the ideal headphones for school, especially for teachers giving a presentation, coaches out on the field, or educators supervising a classroom. With an adjustable, thick headband anyone can find a comfortable fit.


  • Single-ear design Adjustable headband and wide head strap
  • Noise-reducing ear cup Permanent
  • Attached 5.5’ straight cord with strain protection for accidental cord pulls
  • Dual 3.5mm plugs
  • Warranty: 90 days for use in schools

Minimum Order: 3

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