Wireless Headphones HB79 - Learning Headphones
Wireless Headphones HB79 - Learning Headphones

Wireless Headphones HB79

These Wireless Headphones are like the HB70 headphones and unlike conventional wireless systems the HB79 system features a compact, lightweight design and a transmitter that connects to most systems through a 3.5 mm headphone jack (or audio output).

Wireless technology transmits an invisible, infrared signal to the cordless headphones, which reproduce the audio signal. This gives students in school increased mobility.

Foam ear cushions provide an airy sound, allowing you to stay in touch with your environment, while a volume control on the ear cup makes level adjustment convenient and easy.

Increased mobility for audio activities with wireless headphones from Koss. Let the sound of education be fun and exciting.



  • Infrared (IR) technology transmits signal to headphones, reproducing audio signal while allowing you to roam freely about the room.
  • Dynamic element promotes extended frequency response
  • Foam ear cushions keep you in touch with your environment while you listen
  • Adjustable, soft rubber headband provides maximum comfort and customization
  • Volume control on ear cup
  • Compact, lightweight design makes system ideal for extended listening sessions
  • Transmitter connects to most home systems through 3.5 mm headphone jack or audio output 
  • Ideal for Educational Environments
  • Koss Limited Lifetime Warranty
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