Lightweight Personal Multimedia Stereo Headset with To Go Plug


The Lightweight Personal Multimedia Stereo headset is very comfortable and ideal for students engaged in podcasting, distance learning, gaming and even used in flipped classrooms. The 3065 can also be used in vocal response activities for literacy programs, in library and computer lab settings. It also supports 1:1 computing and differentiated instruction and helps meet the speaking, listening and language development standards of the Common Core.

It's built with rugged ABS plastic for durability and when used for only listening, the flexible boom mic can be folded up out of the way alongside the adjustable headband. Its noise-reducing earcups rest on not in the ears to provide moderate protection against ambient sounds so students won't increase the volume to hear the content.

The rugged ABS plastic earcups won't shatter (unlike materials used in consumer electronics items) into potentially dangerous shards and withstand the rigors of daily use to help children remain focused on learning. The entry point of the cord into the earcup is reinforced and neither model comes with volume control.

The 3065 series comes with either dual 3.5mm plugs (3065AV) (and is compatible with MAC and Windows-based computers) or a single 3.5mm stereo To Go™ plug (3065AVT), which is compatible with iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets for mobile learning. Ten packs of the 3065AV (3065AV-10L) and 3065AVT (3065AVT-10L) without storage cases are available. This headset features the "To Go" plug for use with smartphones and tablets.


  • Fully adjustable headband fits all students
  • Recessed wiring resists prying fingers
  • Comfortable lightweight ear cushions
  • Permanently attached straight cord with reinforced connection resists accidental pull out for classroom safety
  • Unidirectional electret mic on flexible gooseneck microphone
  • Lightweight design for comfort


  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • 3' cord with "To Go" plug for use with smartphones and tablets