Megaphone - 25 Watts


The 25-Watt Megaphone has an impressive reach of 1,250,’ allowing users to project their announcement, message, call or alert across a long distance. This is ideal for athletic coaches, field trip supervisors or tour guides, where individuals are required to speak loudly or over a lot of background noise. This megaphone not only projects a voice, but also allows for recording and playback, or a siren sound. Switches, buttons and indicators make it easy to navigate between all of the different functions.
25 Watts Durable ABS plastic construction Included strap and shoulder strap clips Detachable microphone Volume control Power and Record indicators Speak, Record and Play buttons Switch to flip between Talk and Siren functions 1,250’ range Wireless connection to connect to smartphones via Bluetooth One year from date of purchase for use in schools, churches, business and government facilities