Wireless Audio System Receiver


Students can listen to audio together while using the Wireless Audio System Receiver. Two headphone jacks allow two students to listen at the same time, while volume playback ensures it doesn’t get too loud. For added convenience, there is a belt clip and lanyard hole for simple transport.

This lightweight receiver is designed for use with the transmitter from the Assistive Listening System (WS-series) or Califone 900 MHz PA products. It features dual 3.5mm headphone jacks for two simultaneous listeners coupled with a switch to restrict the volume playback so it won't exceed 85 dB for hearing safety.


  • Designed for use with WS-Series transmitter or Califone 900MHz PA products
  • Dual 3.5mm headphone jacks to accommodate two listeners
  • Switch restricts volume playback, so it can’t exceed 85 dB
  • Channel up, down and lock functions Headphone output
  • Belt clip and lanyard hole
  • Warranty: For use in school for 1 year