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6 Organizing Hacks for Classroom Headphones

Headphones are one of the trickier things to organize in your classroom, especially if you have Konmari-level goals. Between the tangled cords and the threat of spreading lice, there aren’t a ton of ways to #sparkjoy with your headphones storage.

School headphones can be an investment and getting the most out of them can be challenging when they are inadvertently damaged or stepped on. Fortunately, we have a few solutions that would make even Marie Kondo proud! And, more importantly, they’ll keep your headphones sanitary and separated so you can avoid a lice epidemic.

Hanging Shoe Organizers

classroom headphone storage hack

Image Credit: @asmilingteacher via The Bender Bunch

Simple, inexpensive, and effective. If you have an actual closet in your room, you can keep it completely out of sight. But even hanging on the walls, these don’t look bad, and you can always dress them up a bit with personalized name cards.

If you teach elementary, we recommend choosing an organizer with plastic pockets instead of mesh as they provide better protection from spreading lice!

Clothes Drying Rack

school headphone storage hack

Image Credit: Organized Classroom

A great option for middle and high school teachers who don’t have to be as concerned about lice. Look for accordion-style drying racks with plenty of room.

This option takes up a little more floor space and leaves your headphones out in the open, but if you use them frequently, you’ll want easy access anyway!

To keep cords untangled and out of the way, have students coil and wrap with a twist-tie before hanging up their headphones.

Diamond Drawer Organizers

If you use adult-sized headphones in your class, these organizers might be a bit too small for you. But for smaller, kid-sized headphones diamond organizers are a great way to keep your headphones separated and organized, assuming you have some drawer space to spare.

For added sanitary protection, put each set in a Ziplock bag before storing.

school headphones storage idea

This can also be a great way to help avoid accidental cord and connector damage that occurs when they are left connected to computers and mobile devices. Try using storage bags anytime they are not being used, this can help everyone get the most out of your classroom headphones.

Plastic Drawers


Image Credit: Organized Classroom

If your students have their own headphones, label each drawer with a range of letters from the alphabet: A-J, K-P, Q-Z for example. Choose whatever ranges will most evenly distribute the headphones for your class!

Then, simply put each set in a labeled Ziplock bag before storing. Your kids will always know where to find their own headphones, and you can send them one drawer at a time to avoid stampedes (because they just can’t help themselves).

Craft/Tackle Boxes for Student Earbuds

classroom earbuds storage

Image Credit: Inspire Love Learn

If you use earbuds instead of headphones in your classroom, lice isn’t a concern but keeping each student’s earbuds separated and labeled definitely is. Teacher Brittany Mathieson at Inspire Love Learn has the perfect solution!

Craft storage or tackle boxes take up minimal space, and you can add name or number cards to the back of each slot. Again, have your kids coil and secure their cords with a twist-tie to prevent them from spilling over into other boxes.

Plastic Food Storage Containers

earbud storage school

Image Credit: We Are Teachers

Cheap food storage containers are a great option if you want stackable storage. They’ll keep students’ headphones separate and are a lot more durable than plastic baggies. They’re relatively inexpensive, so you could buy a set for your entire class or put them on the students’ school supply list.

This method does take up more room than Ziplocks, but if you have the extra shelf or drawer space, it does look a lot more organized. Again, add decorated name cards to the front of each box to dress them up.

Have any other ideas for school headphone storage? Leave a comment and let us know what’s worked for you!


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