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School Headphone Care Instructions

When you purchase school headphones, you want to get the most out of every pair and maximize the life-cycle. Following these instructions will help you get the most out of every pair of school headphones, school earbuds or school headsets in your classroom.

  • To help prevent loss of sound, never wrap the cord around the headphones. Doing so could increase the risk of damage to the internal wires. As a result, you could end up with speakers that will not work or produce sound.

  • Use a damp disinfecting cloth to clean the headset. Never spray liquid directly onto the headphone or submerge in water or liquid.

  • School Headphones contain small parts. They are not recommended for use by children under 3 years of age. School Earbuds are recommended for 5th graders and above.

  • Never tug, pull or twist the cord. This could damage the connections inside the plug and can result in static in the audio or complete loss of sound. When disconnecting the headphone, hold onto the plug itself and gently remove from the device.

  • Consider storing your headphones in a case.

    • Hard cases are sturdy, the most durable solution that can help keep them organized, and prevent accidental damage when headphones are not in use. They make it simple and easy to store and transport and you can add an optional lock for enhanced security.

    • Soft cases help keep all the headphones together and organized. They make them easier to store and transport from class to class

    • In addition to the above storage cases, consider placing each headphone in its own plastic bag. This can help reduce the potential spread of lice.

  • Review these instructions with your students and encourage them to treat the headphones with care. Consider creating a list of best practices with students that is specific to your classroom or library.

Following these steps can help stretch your school budget, enhance user experience and increase the life-cycle of your school headphones. These instructions were created by Learning Headphones to be used by teachers and students as a general guideline only. These instructions do not imply or grant an extended warranty or represent any guarantee of product longevity.

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