August 11, 2020 2 min read

Assistive listening systems help people to hear much better in different situations. These systems are mostly used in churches, schools, universities, events, and conferences to give someone a better hearing quality. No matter where you are. But, you always want to hear each word and sound that surrounds you. For whatever event you have come to attend, you deserve to be part of it by hearing every single word clearly.

It is a fact that many people feel OK listening to the traditional sound system, while some come with their own hearing devices to have better hearing in a large gathering. But, with the changing technology, you will be amazed to find plenty of listening systems that help people to experience more enhanced auditory.

In these cases, none other than the Assistive Listening system can give the desired outcome as compared to other similar systems. They work effectively in delivering the highest quality hearing service to the users by simply eliminating the background noise that may hinder your listening experience.


People with a hearing problems can use this listening system without any hassle and will surely love to get such amazing hearing support. The variety of listening systems with varied designs, features, quality, and price are available in the market. You just need to pick the one that best suits your needs. To ease this selection task, you can think of buying Hamilton Buhl Assistive Listening System ALS700 as your best purchase.


We all know that hearing plays a key role during learning sessions, communications, and speech & language development. You must be attentive while listening to anything in the class, event, or social interaction.

The ALS700 the listening system provides you several features that help you to get a sound with the right amplification level without any disturbance. It has the ability to separate the desired sound from background noise and delivers the exact words straight into the user’s ears.


This system allows individuals to get the required volume as per his/her choice without making it too loud for others. It gives you a facility to hear the words or speech without distracting from unwanted sound. It is highly capable to serve indefinite receivers in the range of 150 feet. 

Each ALS700 System includes:

  • 1 - Transmitter
  • 6 - Receivers
  • 6 - Earbuds (ALSH700 on-ear headphones available for purchase)
  • 1 - Carry case


This Assistive listening system is suitable for schools, theatre, conferences, churches, etc. It gives you the best way when you are struggling with auditory impairment due to any reason. Thus, enhance your listening skills with the quality assistive listening system ALS700.

Additional Mono Ear Buds for ALS700 is also available for separate purchase.

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