April 04, 2023 2 min read

At Learning Headphones, we understand that teachers and educators face the challenge of finding the perfect balance between functionality and affordability when shopping for school headphones, school earbuds, and school headsets with microphones for interactive learning in classrooms. Here are some essential features to consider while shopping for school headsets, to ensure your students get the most out of their educational experience:


1. Durability

Consider choosing school headsets that are designed to be durable and long-lasting. These headsets are built to withstand wear and tear and can last beyond a single school year. They are more expensive than entry-level school headphones and school headsets, but if your budget allows, they can be a wise investment as a long-term solution. Remember to follow proper care instructions to maximize the lifespan of your school headphones.


2. Sturdy Cords

Headsets often malfunction due to poor cord quality. Look for headsets with thicker or braided cords that can resist students' fidgeting and reduce the risk of detachment or damage. If you need assistance finding the right solution, the Learning Headphones team can help.


3. Affordability

While school headsets may be more expensive than school headphones, finding affordable options is possible. Consider the frequency and purpose of headset use when deciding on a budget to balance functionality and cost.


4. Kids' Sizes

Finding suitable headsets for younger students can be challenging. Opt for education-focused headset companies that offer child-friendly sizes and durable models designed for classroom use.


5. Adjustable Microphone Placement

Since multiple students will use the headsets, adjustable microphones are crucial for accommodating various sizes and ages.


6. Quality Audio & Recording

Clear, crisp sound is essential for both the microphone and earpieces. Read customer reviews, focusing on those discussing headsets for educational use, to ensure you're buying a functional and affordable product.


7. Compatibility

Double-check your classroom devices to ensure compatibility with USB or 3.5mm TRRS headsets. If necessary, invest in a set of adapters for each unit.


8. Features to Skip

You can save money by avoiding features like Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi capability, and studio-quality audio that are typically unnecessary for classroom use.



At Learning Headphones, we're here to help you find the perfect solution for your classroom needs. Contact our customer service team at customercare@learningheadphones.com for assistance, and explore other informative posts on our Learning Headphones Blog. Check out our classroom packs, school earbud packs, and sanitizers for additional resources.

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