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With everything that has been disrupted with education, now is a good time to talk about to prevent summer learning loss. The fact is that it is more than just summer learning loss as many students have not been in learning environments and are already learning remotely. This presents some new opportunities and some new challenges to along with that. 

It is no surprise that kids are likely to lose some of the things that they learned during the long breaks from school or from the summer vacation season. The good news is that kids don’t have to struggle with forgetting lots of things if the right moves are made to help kids prevent summer learning loss. You can encourage parents to use a few ideas to help their kids keep what they have learned during the school season. We hope these are helpful in helping you prevent the dreaded summer learning loss in your children.

Offer Learning Sessions Each Day

The first idea is to plan daily learning sessions to help kids retain what they have learned. Learning sessions are popular in that kids can spend around 15 to 30 minutes in a day studying and learning new things of value to them. Kids can spend this time reading things, learning new words, watching instructional videos, and much more. It only takes a brief bit of time each day for kids to learn more and to keep them from forgetting the things they learned in the past school year. There are several ideas online on how you can create a plan and most importantly, make it fun.

Encourage Kids to Write

Writing is a fun thing for kids to do. Kids can come up with practically anything if they just put their minds to it. Parents should encourage their kids to write for a few minutes each day. Let them create their own stories if they want. Kids can use writing to stimulate their minds and to use new words of all sorts. This may work well for kids who struggle with certain grammatical or English skills. Writing is a great way to get children to continue to express their feelings and creativity during the summer months
while away from school.

Head To Fun Educational Places

Kids will be surprised at how fun places that are educational can be. A library will have many activities for kids during the summer season, including ones where kids can learn about interesting subjects. Meanwhile, various museums and other popular sites around a local area may have some interesting exhibits and activities for kids to take part in. Take a look at your local community calendars, there are a lot of summertime activities that can be found with little to no cost which is a bonus for those on a tight budget.

Enjoy Cooking

Cooking is great as it not only helps kids to learn about how to prepare foods but also works with many math skills in mind. The process of measuring foods and mixing things correctly requires strict mathematical precision. Kids will learn more about how to handle math-related concepts while having fun when they are cooking at home. This also helps to create more family bonding time while getting to share some good conversation and deeper connections on what their child may be thinking about.

Have a Family Game Night

A family game night is an event where everyone can enjoy playing fun games including word games, board games, and many others. Such games help kids to build upon their English skills or their reasoning efforts. You might also consider creating and making a new game together. This allows children to utilize their planning and building skills to create their very own game.

Teach Kids About Money

Most kids might not know too much about money just yet, but parents can help them learn about money during the summer by educating them about how it works. Parents can share things on the stock market with them or on how purchases can be made. Kids will not only learn valuable life skills when they see more about how money works, but they will also develop their math skills. More importantly, kids will see what it means to be responsible with their money, thus helping them to make smart decisions over how they will use it. This is a skill that is not always taught early enough in school and helping to create a good concept of financial accountability at an early age will have benefits that last a lifetime.

Head Out on a Day Trip

It is true that bringing kids out on a vacation to a fun historic site or a new place of interest might be fun and worthwhile. Kids can learn about the history and unique cultures in the places that they visit. But parents do not necessarily have to go too far out of their way to enjoy a good trip. Parents can schedule a day trip that will take their kids out to a local space that may be interesting to them.

A day trip can entail heading out to a local museum or historic site of note. This could also entail attending a special event that features something unique like a cultural event promoted by a local organization. Anything that you attend can be fun and intriguing, but it should be something worth trying out no matter what you might be interested in. There are several forums and sites online that allow families to plan a trip together. This can help with the overall experience and potentially allow your children to make some new friends.


All of these ideas are valuable for when parents are aiming to help kids with learning and to keep them from losing what they have learned during the summer season. Be sure to try these out when seeing how well kids can learn new things of value to them. If you have a fun and creative way to help prevent summer learning loss, please share your ideas in the comments.

We know your time is valuable and there are a lot of ideas out there so a big thank you for visiting our blog. If you liked this post and the content that is found here, please consider sharing on your favorite social media site. Have a fun and safe break or summer with your family. Stay safe and keep learning. Thank you from the Learning Headphones family! We're in this together.

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