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If you’re a teacher who likes to use school headsets you know how valuable they can be. They are sometimes called school headphones with a mic but they are typically called a headset because they imply that they have a microphone. If you are the person with the task of procuring school headsets, school headphones, and other equipment for your classroom you know it can be a challenge. First, you have to ensure that everything you selected is compatible with existing mobile devices, laptops, and school workstations. Next, you will want to ensure a comfortable fit and that everything you need fits within your school budget.

Compatibility is key. It can be frustrating if you make a purchase and the item doesn’t work or fit with everything you already have. The single plug has helped eliminate some of these challenges and frustration. It is designed to be compatible with a wider variety of computers and mobile devices including iPads, Chromebooks, Desktop Computers, (mac &pc) iPods and other devices that accept a single plug for the headset that supports both the speaker and a microphone.

TRRS plug and it is 3.5mm (¼”) jack. This is the most headset common connection type on mobile devices, new laptops, and even some desktops. Of course, we always recommend double-checking the connection type you need for your classroom before submitting a purchase order or placing an order online.

Need Help Determining What You Need? The Learning Headphones team is available for guidance if you need assistance determining the right connection type.


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Having the right school headsets can help make your student’s learning experience more compelling. They can give students an opportunity to take tests and use interactive learning apps and educational programs with ease.

The benefits of school headsets with a microphone can vary from each classroom and learning environment depending on what apps, programs and curriculum you are utilizing but the advantages are clear when it comes to finding something compatible with the equipment you have. Below is just one example a popular school headset example:

The Single Plug TRRS school headset with microphone is exceptionally designed to elevate your student’s digital learning experience and is compatible with most devices that accept a single plug.


Advanced School Headset

The Advanced School Headset that is equipped with a single plug TRRS school headset. It is designed with a chew-resistant cord that can help reduce damage from students that tend to chew on cords. They are lightweight to ensure a comfortable fit even when they are worn for an extended period. They are available in different colors and the stereo sound delivery is excellent for interactive learning.


  • Comes equipped with an adjustable padded headband for a sleek, comfortable fit
  • Soft and Comfortable ear pads are easy to wipe off and provide comfort for different age groups.
  • The flexible, adjustable microphone gives students the ability to move it where they feel most comfortable. (It’s nice to have the ability to simply fold it up and out of the way when it’s not needed.)


Advanced School Headset


This is just one of several different school headsets currently available at Learning Headphones. With an ever-growing selection of school headphones, school headsets, school earbuds, and classroom technology you will find what you are looking for.


Extend The Life Of Your School Headsets

With tight school budgets, it can be very challenging to get everything replaced when a student breaks a school headset, removes an earpad that wasn’t supposed to be removed or damages the cord and connection. We know this can happen on occasion, so we have developed these tips to help students and teachers get the most out of the school headsets.

We understand that it can be tough to monitor the use of every student headset over the course of a day and it’s impossible to do over an entire school year. Accidental damage can create a challenging situation and if the budget isn’t there, you might not be able to replace it for a while. We hope this list helps you get the very most out of your school headsets and potentially help avoid some of the dreaded accidental damage that occurs.

  • Consider what is the right headset for your application.
    Not every school headset is not created equal. Some were designed to deliver functionality and stereo sound at an affordable price. Others were designed specifically to address the stress that is inflicted on equipment by students. They are more expensive, but they typically have a longer warranty and provide increased durability in learning environments. This isn’t always an option so taking extra care is even more important.
  • Store school headsets in a bag or container after each use. This can get cumbersome, but the payoff can be worth it. Storage solutions can increase the overall longevity of school headsets and reduce breakage or damage when they are not being used.
  • Post a list of do’s and don’ts near the headphones or devices. Daily reminders can help ensure students remember the importance of taking care of the school headsets in your classroom.
  • Create and go over some best school headphones practices with your students. Consider offering an incentive for students that are using the best practices consistently for using and storing their headphones.
  • Demonstrate the right way to connect and disconnect school headsets. When students are in a hurry, they may pull on the cord instead of the plug. This can lead to unwanted static or result in a headset that no longer works. This can be fun for students and if everyone is working together to treat the headsets with care, they will last longer, and you will be happier too.


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Learning Headphones accepts purchase orders and offers volume discounts for educational institutions. We are a leader in working with schools, libraries, and businesses around the world to provide school headsets.

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