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The E-3 series of earbus from Califone are helpful for many different learning environments. Each of the E-3 earbud sets are designed with various features, but they all work well for providing you with a great setup for helping students to learn. You also do not need to spend a lot of money to get these quality earbuds.

The Basic Points

The E-3 earbuds are very easy to use in any classroom. Let’s look at some of the features of these earbuds that make them special:

  • The ear covers are well-padded and will keep outside noises from being a burden.
  • An in-line volume control system easily helps the user adjust the sound coming through the earbuds.
  • Sturdy plastic materials are used on the physical bodies of the earbuds.
  • Each set comes with an added pair of smaller ear pads. This provides you with two sizes of ear pads for larger and smaller users. It takes only a few seconds for you to switch out the ear pads as demanded.
  • Each earbud set has a cord about three and a half feet in length. These cords are flat to ensure they will not kink, bend, or break apart. The risk of the cords tangling up and stretching is minimal.
  • A one-year manufacturer’s warranty is included on each E-3 earbud set, thus providing you with peace of mind if they stop working within that year.

These features ensure that your earbud set will keep on working well.

What Models Are Available?

You have three options to consider when finding an E-3 earbud set from Califone. Let’s look at what each of these three has to offer so know which model would be the best fit for your classroom.

E-3 School Earbud
The basic model works on a standard 3.5mm jack. These are used for regular needs and will offer a convenient design for most students to utilize. This also has a lightweight body for your basic convenience and control needs.

E-3 School Earbud with Mic 
This second option features a microphone setup as well as volume control. The microphone is located on the cord and will pick up the students voice accurately. A single TRRS plug ensures the earbuds and the microphone will both work on the same 3.5mm port. 

E-3 School Earbud with USB Plug and Mic

This third choice also has the microphone and volume control, similar to the second option, but has a USB plug instead. The plug quickly provides power to the microphone and earbud features alike. The plug is still light in weight and easy to set up for getting the most out of your sound demands.

What Are Their Values?

The E-3 series earbuds are very affordable sets. The key to selecting the right E-3 earbud for your classroom is to take a look at your device to see if you need the single standard 3.5mm plug or a USB connection.

Secondly, deciding if you will be utilizing a microphone. No matter what your demands may be, you will see that the Califone E-3 earbud series are a great choice for your school.


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