July 07, 2020 3 min read

A kid’s supply list for the first day of school has changed remarkably over the years to include not just markers, pencils, paints, crayons, and other classroom sundries. Now, you will see items on the list, such as “Headphones.” Every student has to bring their own set, and that’s where the dilemma stands; how to select the perfect headphones for those vulnerable little ears?

An increasing number of schools are incorporating audio learning as part of the curriculum to ensure students can concentrate on their projects without disrupting others and increase their attention span for better retention. However, putting the wrong pair on a child’s ears could permanently impair hearing. As such, it’s vital to be safe when purchasing a headphone set for your child.

LearningHeadphones.com aspires to address this niche through child-tested and mom-approved Thinkwrite Ultra Durable headphones/headsets, which is a great sounding and durable device designed to protect your little one’s ears. Here’s what you should remember when considering a headphone set for a child:


Not all school budgets are sky high, and thus schools keep an eye out for the right quality at the right price. School supplies are pricey as it is and therefore the cost of a headphone should not hamper the school. Thinkwrite Ultra Durable headphones/headsets are designed for education, and they are the right choice for your school budget. They are compatible with mobile devices, laptops, and computers to provides maximum versatility.

Noise Reduction

The primary purpose of introducing headphones in the classroom is to allow students, with different learning curves, to focus on their work at their own pace without feeling like they have held back the entire class. In a loud and lousy environment, noise reduction headphones provide the right level of isolation, allowing kids to focus on what they want without disturbing the rest of the class.


Children often create a host of problems, and thus a sturdy pair of headphones that can withstand bends, strains, yanks, and can be lugged around with a hefty bag full of other accessories, is a must.

Kids are harder on their gear than adults. Thinkwrite Ultra Durable headphones/headsets are designed to know how kids treat their toys and items and are tested for toughness. The Thinkwrite headphone and headset are constructed with a special ABS plastic that ensures maximum durability. 

This is an excellent choice for schools because it saves the hassle of changing headphones, often with a long chord of 5 feet and chew resistant fabric cable that prevents damage from even the toughest chewers. It also alleviates the need to glue their eyes to the screen.

A Perfect Fit

Over the head, headphones are more comfortable for the kids to wear, but finding a pair that fits perfectly is a bit of a quandary. Thinkwrite Ultra Durable headphones/headsets have a fully adjustable headband that snaps easily into place to fit students of all ages. Available in two colors: Navy and Black.

Sound Limitations

Exposure to loud sounds is a culprit to damaging a child’s hearing. The Thinkwrite Ultra Durable headphones/headsets feature an inline volume-limiting option that you can adjust and puts the cap on the maximum volume. 


If you would like more information, or if you have a question, please visit our site today. Our friendly team is ready to help you find the school headphones, school headsets and accessories you need. Please visit LearningHeadphones.com today!

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