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School Headphone Buying Guide

Created to help answer common questions and make it easy to select the school headphone solution best suited for your learning environment. We cover different school headphone types, options and connections to help ensure compatibility with existing computers and devices.

school headphone buying guide
As an educator, understanding the importance of quality classroom supplies is paramount. In recent years, the world has grown and changed into one where multimedia is king. Simplistic supplies like pens, pencils and calculators have been replaced with computers, tablets, and mobile devices. These devices bring a new host of challenges to the classroom, challenges of the audio variety.

A quality pair of school headphones that will last the test of time is more important now than ever before. There are a variety of quality options, courtesy of Learning Headphones, that will ensure that your classroom is adequately stocked for the school year, and the following buyer’s guide can answer a variety of questions, from headphone types, to accessories, to ensuring you get the most out of your school budget.

Headphones, like anything else, come in a variety of different types to suit any need. This guide will go over the most widely known varieties, including traditional style, earbuds, and wireless types. There are four different categories of headphones, which include over-ear, on-ear, earbud, and in-ear.

Over-ear, or circumaural, school headphones
The Over-ear school headphones go over the ears and feature a variety of cushions that enclose the ears to produce crisp, quality sound. Circumaural headphones fit completely over the ear in a cupped shape, and can be very heavy. The ear cup material can be foam, silicone, vinyl, rubber or a variety of other materials. This type of headphone is typically used in education environments, and is most useful for these pursuits as they can be manufactured to fully seal against the head for maximum outside noise reduction in the classroom.

On-ear, or supra-aural, headphones
The on-ear school headphones are worn on the ears but do not enclose the ears. This is one of the most popular forms of educational headphones, both in comfort and in variety. Most often, the cushion material on this type of headphone is foam, and they are comfortable enough to be worn for a longer period of time. This headphone type is smaller and lighter than circumaural headphones, and provides enough noise reduction to be useful in a classroom setting.

School Earbuds
School earbuds are a smaller variety of headphone that sit directly in the outer ear, and are not inserted into the ear canal. In most cases, they do not provide any cushioning, and can be uncomfortable for long-term wear. From an outside noise perspective, this type of headphone may not be the best option. It can be difficult to isolate the intended sound from ambient noise, and some users increase the volume of their audio to compensate. Their small size can be useful in a situation where a student needs to use their hands to perform an activity, as users are not as immersed in the audio. Earbuds are available in a disposable option, which can be useful for the classroom, especially in a testing or one-time-use application.

In-ear headphones for School
In-ear school headphones are similar to earbuds, but are inserted into the ear canal. The cushion material is often made of silicone rubber or foam, and can be custom molded to a particular user. In-ear headphones are excellent at cancelling noise, and are used by the recording industry and audiophiles for that purpose. They are a lightweight headphone option designed to reduce ambient noise and immerse the user in the provided audio.

School Headsets
School headsets, while not technically a headphone type, utilize both on-ear and over-ear headphone design and microphone. Headsets are useful in a classroom setting, as they provide the student with the ability to use their hands to command a mouse and keyboard, and their voices to participate in computerized lessons. Headsets are either set up as mono (single earpiece), stereo (double earpiece), or can be switched from one to the other. The microphone is typically situated in front of the user’s mouth for easy operation.
Understanding the different types of headphone technology is important to ensuring you receive what will work best for your classroom application. As an example, for testing and multimedia applications, earbuds might work best. Headsets would work best for language learning, online communication, and audio recording. On-ear headphones would work best for applications where audio input via a microphone isn’t necessarily needed. All of our headphone options are versatile, and connect to a variety of different pieces of technology, either via a standard 3.5mm jack, USB port, or dual plug compatibility.

Headphone Accessories
These include disposable earbud covers, replacement ear cushions, jackboxes, a variety of adapters, equipment sanitizer, and volume controls are great solutions for additional needs within the classroom. Add-on items such charging and storage solutions are also excellent to help enhance organization in your classroom and can be purchased from Learning Headphones.

Keeping things clean
Cleanliness is a necessity in any learning environment, and school headphones are no different. Learning Headphones provides a variety of disposable ear covers, sanitizing wipes, and even automatic UV-light irradiation sanitizing options to keep your classrooms as germ-free as possible.

Assistive listening systems
Assistive listening centers for school can help to reduce background noise, and deliver the audio at an amplification level that will be just right for any listener. One transmitter for these systems can serve an unlimited number of receivers within 150 feet, so the possibilities are endless. Cutting out the background noise and keeping attention on the audio at hand can be a struggle, but assistive listening systems can help with that.

School listening stations, and media players are all great ways to get information to an entire classroom relatively easily. Jackboxes have the capability of up to eight individual listeners being able to listen to one recording simultaneously, with individual volume controls. Media players can be as simple as boomboxes or CD players, and Learning Headphones even offers listening center kits, which can be used with up to six students at once, utilizing both wireless and wired technology. Recording options are also available, for any audio recording and playback needs that your classrooms may have.

Necessary splitters, adapters, and cables
These solutions are also available via Learning Headphones. These can make it easier to split a recording between two or more sets of headphones, and adapters can be used to easily plug one type of cable into another. These accessories make any listening experience easier for the teacher, as well as for their classroom.

Classroom storage can be a struggle, when it seems as if classrooms keep getting smaller and smaller. Learning Headphones provides a variety of storage and charging solutions for school headphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Several of our charging stations are on casters, which makes them easy to move from one place to another without headaches.

Tablets and mobile devices have earned their place in many classrooms, and keeping them safe will ensure that a school’s investment continues to pay dividends in the form of the educational needs of its students. Learning Headphones offers a variety of cases for iPads and tablets, as well as charging solutions to fit any scenario.

When determining a prospective purchase, the possibilities are endless. The most important, and earliest, should be quantity – knowing what you need up front will help you plan ahead for the unknown – misplaced, damaged, or broken headsets. Checking with other departments within your organization and combining your orders can qualify for quantity discounts, which will maximize your resources and stick within your budget. Volume discounts and classroom packs will ensure that you have everything you need to get through your school year.

Purchasing can be a headache. Choosing a headphone provider that you can work with long term can lessen those headaches for your organization. Selecting a vendor that can deliver high performance headphones and accessories affordably is paramount to a successful multimedia experience for your students, and will be a surefire way to ensure they make the most of their lessons.

Beyond purchasing on its’ own, you want to make sure you make the most of your budget by buying quality products. Many of our school headphones and other products come with at least a 1-year warranty. Storage solutions and protection are important things to consider. This can save money in the long run by increasing the life-cycle of your headphones.

Delivery time can be an important hurdle, especially getting closer to the first day of school. Ensuring you allow enough time between your order and delivery will save your organization exorbitant shipping costs for rush shipping. Express delivery is something we happily provide, and we are flexible with your school’s schedule. If your organization will be closed on the date of delivery, we would be happy to arrange a later date that would work better for you.

Specialized companies, such as Learning Headphones, can provide a personalized experience, to each and every customer by knowing exactly what we sell, without overreach. We have one job, and that is focusing on the needs of our customers, first and foremost. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website, we would be happy to find it for you. We work with school districts, libraries, companies and organizations from around the world, We have an outstanding reputation for not only our products, but also the caring and compassionate customer service our customers receive.