Portable Bluetooth PA with 2 Handheld Wireless Microphones

The Portable Bluetooth PA is ideal for presentations with multiple speakers, allowing two users to connect at the same time. If audio is being played while someone begins speaking, the music is automatically muted until the speaker is done. For a user-friendly design, there is a control panel with multiple functions and an included remote control. Two handheld wireless microphones are also included for added convenience.
"Built-in handle for portability NFC connection area Digital display with USB and SD card slot Control panel features Music/Speech button, volume controls, aux inputs and audio/video outputs, as well as a voice priority switch Combo XLR and ¼” mic input RCA and single 3.5mm inputs Two wireless mic receivers with channel selectors, volume, audio and RF indicators Standard 1 ?” pole mount for lifted placement Light, long-lasting lithium battery Remote control with pitch adjustment functionality Operates with AC/DC power for indoor and outdoor use 2 handheld, wireless mics included