August 11, 2023 2 min read

Classroom headphones serve as versatile educational tools and their use extends beyond merely facilitating video watching. When classrooms are furnished with laptops or tablets, headphones prove to be an essential asset. From aiding in music appreciation during workdays to assisting in material review via recorded notes, headphones are frequently called upon. To inspire their optimal utilization, here are some creative applications that can reinforce your students' learning.

Elementary Classroom Use

Recording Read-Alouds

Every elementary teacher acknowledges the need for extensive reading aloud practice for budding readers. It instills confidence, encourages phonetic sounding of words, and enhances word recognition over time.

  • USB Headphones equipped with microphones empower students to record read-aloud tasks on devices such as iPads and save them in a shared folder.

  • Headsets featuring microphones promote a peaceful environment as students can record at a lower volume.

Wind Down after Recess

Every teacher appreciates the importance of having a range of calming techniques at their disposal.

  • Download soothing music or child-friendly meditation apps onto your classroom devices and allocate a few minutes for post-recess listening.

  • Using earbuds on particularly distracted days helps eliminate ambient noise, aiding students in settling down swiftly.

Brain Breaks

There are moments when your students require a break from rigorous lessons.

  • Classroom packs of tablets and headphones offer a refreshing change during these "brain breaks."

  • They can be deployed for a variety of activities, from listening to entertaining music to playing educational games that engage the student.

Educational Games and Apps

  • Numerous educational apps and games feature sound effects that, in the absence of headphones, could contribute to classroom noise.

  • With school earbud packs, students can relish these applications without causing disturbances.

Middle and High School Classroom Use

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR) with Audiobooks

SSR is a scientifically supported approach to augment students' reading skills. Audiobooks can enrich this process, especially for reluctant and struggling readers.

  • While procuring audiobooks for each classroom device might not be feasible, students who appreciate and gain from audiobooks might consider acquiring their own.

Research Days

With an array of informative channels such as Crash Course and Ted ED on YouTube, students can garner legitimate information for their assignments and projects.

  • Classroom headphones aid students in tuning out distractions and accessing educational videos without disturbing their peers.

Foreign Language Activities

Foreign language classes can substantially benefit from a set of USB School Headsets.

  • They can expedite pronunciation practice, recording assignments, and viewing foreign films, aiding language immersion and acquisition.

Public Speaking Review

Students can markedly enhance their public speaking skills when they review recordings of their presentations.

  • Provide students with a video of their presentations through a shared folder.

  • Have students listen to their own presentations in class and evaluate their performance with the help of a self-reflection form.

Despite their apparent simplicity, classroom headphones serve as essential tools for harnessing the latest in educational technology. Once equipped with a set, both you and your students will persistently unearth more creative ways to integrate them into your lessons and assignments. For more inspiration and information, visit the Learning Headphones Blog or place a Purchase Order to get started with these amazing tools. Remember to also explore our range of Sanitizers to keep your headphones clean and safe for use.

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