3.5mm Stereo Jack to 3.5mm Mono Plug Adapter


Comprehensive® 3.5mm Plug to Standard Phone Jack Audio Adapter

Compatibility issues are a major pain point for audio accessories. When you buy an expensive earphone, you expect it to work with your phone. But if the port on your smartphone or laptop is not compatible, or if the jack input on your MP3 player is broken, then your expensive product becomes not useable.

Comprehensive® 3.5mm Plug to Standard Phone Jack Audio Adapter solves this problem. It transforms any 3.5mm stereo plug into a standard mono phone jack socket so that you can insert any pair of earphones into your computer or mp3 player without worrying about compatibility issues.

This useful piece of kit connects any 3.5mm stereo audio device with a standard phone jack, making it compatible with virtually any device that uses this common connector type (such as most Walkmans, stereos, MP3 players, and computers). You’ll be able to plug your headphones or earphones into any standard phone jack.