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Assistive Listening System ALS700 - Learning Headphones

Assistive Listening System ALS700

Assistive Listening System for School - If you have to enhance the listening ability in a learning environment such as a classroom, library or computer lab, consider this Assistive Listening System by HamiltonBuhl designed specifically for education applications.

With this solution you can enhance the sound for students. For some students this can be a tremendous help are unable to hear clearly.

It is well-recognized that hearing is critical to speech and language development, communication, learning and social interactions. This solution helps alleviate this potential challenge.

Each ALS700 System includes:

  • 1 - Transmitter
  • 6 - Receivers
  • 6 - Earbuds (ALSH700 on-ear headphones available for purchase)
  • 1 - Carry case



  • Dimensions: 18 L x 4 H x 13 W
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs.
  • Overall System Performance
  • Frequency Response 100Hz - 8KHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio 41dBTotal
  • Harmonic Distortion &l: 0.5%
  • RF Carrier Frequencies Channel 1: 75.5MHz
  • Channel 2: 75.9MHz
  • Frequency Stability: 0.005%
  • Modulation FM ± 75KHz max.
  • Operating Range Up to 150 feet line of sight
  • Transmitter: Mic
  • Input Connector: 1/4" Phone jack
  • Impedance: Unbalanced
  • Line Input Connector: 1/4" Phone jack
  • Impedance: 100K unbalanced
  • Antenna Permanently mounted, telescoping
  • Power Output 13dBm
  • Power Requirements 5V DC, regulated @ 200mA
  • Adapter included
  • Receiver: Audio Output 100mW
  • Connectors 3.5mm jack for earphone output
  • Earphones: Mono earbuds
  • Antenna Integral with earphone cord
  • Sensitivity 3uV for 12dB with squelch defeated
  • Squelches at 10uV for min. 50dB S/N ratio
  • Mute Threshold 5 - 8uV
  • Power Requirements Three (3) 1.5V AAA size batteries

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