EDU-375 Over-Ear Stereo Headphones


EDU‐375 Over‐Ear (Circumaural) Stereo Headphones feature 40mm speakers, large ear cups that reduce up to 75% of background noise, replaceable leatherette ear cushions, and 8‐foot cable with in‐line volume control and a single color coded 3.5mm plug.

Recommended for the education market.



  • 40mm speakers with deep bass sound deliver crystal clear audio
  • Large circumaural (over-ear) cups reduce up to 75% of background noise
  • Plush, extra-thick leatherette ear cushions are easy-to-clean and replaceable
  • Adjustable dual headband for a comfortable fit
  • Convenient in-line volume control
  • Extra long 8-foot cable with color coded 3.5mm plug
  • Well-built and cost-effective
  • Certified safe for use by children in accordance with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.