10-Position Stereo Jackbox with 1-4" Jacks


Educators can set up collaborative listening centers for their students by using the 10-Position Stereo Jackbox.

The jackbox is designed to take a single audio source, and stream audio to a variety of other devices. With a jackbox setup, students can listen at the same speed, but through the privacy of their own headphones.

These 10-position jackboxes provide a cost-effective way to create group-based learning centers for mobile and computer-based differentiated instruction where students can simultaneously listen to content in classrooms, libraries, and language and computer labs without disrupting others around them. They're ideally suited for literacy groups, ESL/ELL/ELD, Special Ed, reading activities, language learning, and ELA applications to help meet the Common Core State Standards.



  • 10 stereo connections ¼”
  • 3.5mm plugs
  • Permanent 6’ cord ABS plastic construction
  • Individual volume controls


  • The cord is permanently attached, 5 foot with 1/4" and mini-plugs
  • Contact pointsare silver-plated for better connection and are moisture resistant to prevent corrosion
  • Housing: ABS plastic for durability and safety
  • Dimensions:2" H X 4.25" L X 4.25" D
  • Weight: 12 ounces, shipping weight 1 lb.
  • Warranty for school/business uses is 1 year from purchase date