Refresh Kit with Ear Cushions and Reclosable Bag for HA2, HA2V and HA-1A


These HamiltonBuhl School Headphone Ear Cushions Refresh Kit come with 2 Ear Cushions and Reclosable Bag for the following school headphone models: HA2, HA2V, and HA-1A. The reclosable bag included helps to keep the ear cushions from getting damaged while not in use.

Keep extras on hand and extend the life-cycle of the headphones in your library, computer lab, or classroom. Make your HA2, HA2V, and HA-1A headphones new again with this refresh kit with ear cushions and a reclosable bag.


  • Includes new ear cushions and a resealable Anti-Lice bag.
  • Perfect ear cushion to extend the lift cycle of the headphones

Minimum Order: 5