HygenX Microfiber Towel Pack


Pair it with HygenX Universal Cleaner or HygenX Headphones & Headsets Cleaner for the safer choice for you, your students, your office, your home and the environment.

  • Non-Abrasive
  • Lint-Fee
  • Hypoallergennic
  • Specially-Engineered to Lift and Trap Dirt

The HygenX Microfiber Towel Pack comes with 20 6"x6" microfiber towels. Use them to ensure everything you clean is left safe to handle, scratch-free, streak-free and sparkling in seconds.

And for easy storage, the kits comes in a convenient, reclosable, hard plastic box.

Wash it and use it over and over, with complete confidence on any of your sensitive electronic devices, equipment or personal items.