Listening First Stereo Headset - Blue - USB Plug - 12 Pack


When looking for a classroom headsets, look no further than the Listening First Stereo Headset -12 Pack.

Each headset is designed with a variety of safety features, including recessed wiring, noise-reducing ear cups for a lower listening volume, stress-relief cord and slotted baffles. The adjustable head straps ensures that all children can find the right fit. In addition to providing sound, the attached microphone is equipped to pick up the voice of the user, but not surrounding sounds.



  • Pack size: 12
  • Color: blue
  • Fully adjustable head strap
  • Sturdy ABS construction
  • Noise-reducing ear cups with slotted baffles at the speakers
  • USB plug 5.5’ straight cord with strain protection
  • Noise-cancelling mic
  • Replaceable ear cups
  • Warranty: 3 years, covering use in schools