500 Pack School Headphones LH-313


The 500 Pack School are specifically designed for educational use and feature comfortable cushion ear cups that are easy to clean. They provide a sleek, comfortable fit for students.

An easy solution for large groups and school districts where students utilize audio learning programs, language learning, early learning programs, audiobooks, and music.

The School Headphone LH-313 is popular in schools, libraries, and learning centers because they are lightweight, deliver quality stereo sound, and are compatible with any computer or device that has a standard headphone jack (3.5mm or 1/8").

This headphone has a 15 day limited manufacturer's warranty. 

Not recommended for the younger students who tend to be more rough with headphones.


  • Features ultra-cushioned vinyl earpads the help block out surrounding noises
  • Very easy to clean
  • The earpieces rotate and the headband is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Plastic, adjustable headband.
  • Type of plug: 3.5mm right angle plug
  • Stretch your school budget and save with Free Shipping on orders over $200.
  • 15 Day Warranty