6-Position Spirit SD Stereo Listening Center


The 6-Position Spirit SD Stereo Listening Center provides students and educators with a complete listening center setup.

A Spirit SD 1886 Multimedia Player is included and offers stereo CD and cassette playback, as well as recording functions. Also included is a stereo jackbox with ten connections for multiple students to use at the same time. Six headphones are included, featuring adjustable headbands, noise-reducing ear cups and 6’ coiled cords.



  • 1886 Multimedia Player included with stereo CD
  • Cassette player and recorder Player also features AM/FM radio
  • 4 speakers
  • Headphone jack
  • Permanent 5’ cord
  • 10-position jackbox included with individual volume controls
  • Six 3068AV Stereo Headphones included

    Stereo Headphones Features:

    • Mono/Stereo functionality
    • Adjustable headbands
    • Noise-reducing ear cups
    • 6’ coiled cords with 3.5mm plugs
    • ¼” snap-on adapters
    • Warranty: For use in school, church, business and government facilities for 1 year from purchase