Disposable Ear Cushion Covers 4.5" Deluxe Master Carton 12 boxes


HygenXCP45BK Disposable Ear Cushion Covers for Over-Ear School Headphones and School Headsets - Master Carton includes 1,200 Individual Covers (600 Pair)
  • Education: Listening centers, computer labs, media centers, testing centers
  • Business: Call centers, drive through operators, recording studios, display and demo headphones, trade shows, group presentations, helicopter tours
  • Healthcare: Patients and visitors, MRI headphones
  • Work-site: Hearing protection devices

For added convenience, HygenX disposable covers come in unique “tissue box” style packaging for easy storage and distribution.


  • Dimensions: 15 L x 10 H x 15 W
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Master carton: 12 dispenser boxes; total of 1,200 individual covers (600 pair)
  • Each dispenser boxes contains 100 individual covers (50 pair)
  • Fit: All Hamlton Buhl over-ear/deluxe headphones and headsets including:
    • CL-LED
    • HA7
    • CL-7V
    • HA7M
    • HA-31
    • KIDS-SC7V
    • HA5USB
    • MG51-USB
    • HA5USBSM
    • SC-7V
    • HA-66M
    • TLX-44S
    • HA-66USBSM
    • W900-MULTI
  • Plus most competitive educational and consumer headphones with similar ear cushion sizes. Check outer diameter for exact fit.
  • Color: Black or Blue
  • Outer diameter: 3 3/4"
  • Stretches to: Approximately 5"
  • Construction: Hypoallergenic polyester weave

Note: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and the extreme demand for the HygenX covers, we will be temporarily switching to plastic bags instead of the tissue-style box containers for the covers.  Please note there may be some shipments that include both boxes and plastic bags.

Cover Colors