Hush Buddy Hearing Protector - Panda


The Hush Buddy Hearing Protector with Panda design is designed for younger students with hearing sensitivities. The protector covers the ears by fitting around the outside of the ear instead of pressing down on it, for comfort and effectiveness. 

The Califone Hush Buddy Earmuff Hearing Protector is designed for children who need increased quiet for sensitivity reasons or for more focused activities such as reading. Hearing Protector has comfortable cushioned over-ear pads and an industry-leading Noise Reduction Rating of 27dB. Ear cups are made of rugged plastic for extra durability. The wide padded headband equally distributes weight, providing superior comfort, even when worn for long periods of time. 3-year warranty with school use.



  • Design: panda
  • A padded headband and cushioned ear cups for comfort
  • Around-the-ear ear cup design
  • Noise-reduction rating of 27db
  • Warranty: For school for 3 years