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HygenX Sanitary Disposable Microphone Covers - 100% Cotton - Box of 100

Environmentally-Friendly, Biodegradable, 100% Cotton HygenX Disposable Sanitary Microphone Covers HygenX

Keeping proper hygiene is more important now than ever before, and these disposable covers are an easy way to share microphones with students, performers, lecturers, and guests. Use it once and it throws away, keeping it more sanitary from one user to the next!

Made from hypoallergenic polyester with a special weave design, HygenX™ Disposable Microphone Covers have NO impact on sound quality! Simply stretch the cover over the microphone and you’re all set, ensuring peace of mind! For added convenience, HygenX™ Disposable Covers come in unique “tissue box” style packaging for easy storage and distribution.

100% cotton, disposable sanitary microphone covers are the must-have accessory for microphones used in any and all shared environments:

  • Schools / Universities
  • Camps / Recording Studios
  • Performance / Theater Groups
  • Businesses / Hotels / Restaurants
  • Clubs / Wedding / Event DJs
  • Guided Tour Groups / Places of Worship


  • Fits all HamiltonBuhl® handheld microphones as well as other branded, competitor microphones. Check outer diameter for exact fit.
  • Outer Diameter: 3"
  • Stretches to: Approximately 3.5"
  • Construction: Polyester weave