Juke 24 Media Player in Red


The Juke24™ in Red and Yellow is the brand new amazing portable, digital jukebox that enables audio listing with ease.
This Classroom media player can be loaded with up to 48 hours of audio, music or lessons from a CD, computer, mobile device or flash drive. You can also read and record audio anytime.

This is perfect for teachers and educators who want to load up their favorite audio including soundtracks, lessons, stories and language learning programs. This media player gives students the ability to sing along or practice different words.

It is easy to upload your own content and it is equipped with 24 buttons and you can insert your own button art to help students recall.
There is also an iPhone app that makes creating your very own button art fun, quick and easy! This makes it fun for students of all ages and it is simple to use because no computer programming skills are required.

This School Media Player is durable and built to endure the rigors of daily use in learning environments. It comes with 4 gigabytes of built in memory and a back-load CD player, karaoke mode with talk over mic, built-in speakers and sleek digital display with translucent button covers.

Record from any of the following sources and program to any of the 24 buttons: CD, Aux In, MIC in, USB Key and PC Link via USB port.



  • 24 Programmable Press and Play Buttons
  • Digital Display Built-in MP3 Digital Recorder
  • Built-in Side Speakers Back-Loading
  • CD Player AC/DC Adapter / 6 C Batteries (not included)
  • Volume Control Dial On/Off Button / Key Lock (Hold)
  • Versatile features add fun and creativity, fostering learning and imagination loadable jukebox
  • Translucent Button
  • Covers Ability to create custom button covers
  • Playback Regular CD Talkover Mic Feature / Karaoke 4GB
  • Built-in Memory Patent Pending