Listening Center with 5 Primo™ Tiger Headphones and Galaxy™ Jackbox


One of the building blocks to successful student learning is to teach listening skills that help develop comprehensive language and literacy. Teachers find that students excel when they are more focused on their lessons, in classrooms, labs, libraries, and testing environments. 

This jackbox listening center with 5 Primo headphones are uniquely designed to provide the perfect blend of all of these. 

Noise-reducing ear cups allow students to clearly hear their lessons, protected from unnecessary and distracting ambient noise, as well. Made of ABS plastic, with chew and kink and knot-resistant Dura-Cord™ and 3.5mm stereo plug, these headphones are rugged and reliable, making it a versatile unit to connect to almost any audio device: tablets, smartphones, computers and more.

Now, with the addition of the adorable Primo "Tiger" character on the ear cups, students will not only love sporting their new headphones, but will remain more engaged in listening, too!

The Galaxy Jackbox (JBPSF) is an affordable, 5-way portable jackbox that makes it effortless to connect up to five people to an audio source. 2 of these jackboxes can be chained together to have a total of 9 listeners! We specially-designed this jackbox for ease of use – at an affordable price! 

Simply connect to a media player with a 3.5mm jack – CD, DVD, MP3, Tablet or iPad – and you have a 5-person listening center – quickly and easily! You will find this a very handy tech tool! This affordable jackbox will quickly become your go-to for audio lessons!