Makey Makey Classroom Invention Literacy Kit - Red-White 20.3x13.8x2.5in Box


Created with the help of educators, it's perfect for classrooms, museums, workshop leaders, and anyone else who wants all their Makey Makeys in a nicely organized carrying case. You have all the normal Makey Makey connectors plus an assortment of extra supplies that are perfect for big-time inventing. Includes: (12) Makey Makey Boards, (12) 6ft alligator clips, (12) 6ft connector wires, (63) extra alligator clips, (144) new and improved connector wires (for the back), and (12) Makey Makey optimized conductive 6B pencils.

Technical Description:

  • Color: Red/White
  • Pack: Box
  • Size: 20.3x13.8x2.5in
  • Brand: Makey Makey