Multimedia Stereo Headphone 12 Pack Califone


Education headphones are extremely helpful when it comes to enhancing a student’s experience within the classroom, particularly for storytime, computer exercises, speech therapy, learning a new language, and much more.

The Multimedia Stereo Headphones are prepared to deliver an amazing audio experience to students with a fully adjustable, lightweight headband for comfort and cushioned ear pads.

Students can use the 3.5mm mini plug, students to connect to their media players and computers, and an 8’ cord makes it easy to sit back at the computer without ripping the cord out of the system. If the headphones face heavy wear, the leatherette ear cushions can easily be replaced to extend the life.



  • Pack size: 12
  • Fully adjustable headband
  • Replaceable leatherette ear cushions
  • ABS plastic headband and ear cups for durability
  • Permanent, 8’ attached straight cord In-line volume control
  • Recessed wiring for safety
  • Compatible with Windows, iMac and Mac
  • Included: heavy-duty carrying case
  • Warranty: For use in school for 90 days