Multimedia Stereo Headphone - Silver - without Volume Control


These headphones are designed specifically for use within multimedia classroom settings/ Teachers and students can appreciate the lightweight and fully adjustable design that’s comfortable and easy to use. 

The 3060AVS headphones from Califone provide high-quality audio in a lightweight and durable design, ideal for use in classrooms. The headphones are made from durable and flexible ABS plastic. The adjustable headband provides a secure fit, while on-ear cushions provide lasting comfort. The cushions also help to block out external noises to help keep students focused. The single-sided cable is reinforced for durability and helps to minimize tangles. The standard 3.5mm plug is compatible with CD players, computers, and other devices.


  • Color: silver
  • Lightweight, flexible design
  • A fully adjustable headband that provides a secure fit
  • Replaceable, on-ear, noise-reducing ear cups
  • On-ear cushions provide lasting comfort and help to block out external noises to keep students focused
  • Durable and flexible ABS plastic construction
  • Single-sided cable is reinforced for durability and keeps tangles to a minimum
  • Compatible with all computer formats

Minimum Order: 3