NC-8 Ultralight Noise-Canceling Head Mounted Microphone


Andrea Communications NC-8 Ultralight Head-Mounted Noise-Canceling Microphone has been awarded the coveted "6 Dragon" rating for speech recognition by Nuance, making it a perfect solution for noisy office environments

Product Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight, head-mounted, noise-canceling microphone
  • Offers a unique design that allows users to easily position the soft-flex microphone boom for optimum voice input
  • Rests comfortably on your head without covering your ears so you are free to hear rich sound from your multimedia speakers
  • Noise Cancellation technology increases voice intelligibility and speech recognition accuracy, particularly in noisy environments


  • The NC-8 is compatible with all computers and laptops with a standard dual 3.5 mm microphone and speaker jacks (Pink and Green) NC-8 uses a pink microphone jack only.
  • To use the NC-8 with a device with a TRRS shared audio port (such as newer Computers, Laptops, or Tablets) you will need an optional C-100 Adapter that converts the 3-pin pink microphone plug to a TRRS shared audio 4 pin plug.
  • The NC-8 can also work with any of our four USB Adapters such as the USB-SA, USB-MA, EDU-USB, and USB-UNIV.