Replacement Cord for 2924AV


School headphones can face a lot of wear and tear as students use them throughout the years. In some cases, headsets will require a replacement cord. The Replacement Cord for 2924AV is made with a compatible end piece that ensures a proper fit, which allows teachers and students to continue using their favorite headphones for years to come.

 The 027-0411-01 Replacement Cords fit our 2924AV headphones which deliver performance at an economical price for teachers who are using a blended learning approach that mixes face-to-face instruction time with personal learning. Ideal for use with listening centers and in libraries, this headphone is designed to give maximum flexibility so K-12 students can be used for monaural content of ELL/ELD activities and speech pathology uses.


  • Compatible with 2924AV headphones
  • 6" in length
  • Straight cord design
  • 90 days for use in early childhood daycare centers, schools, businesses, churches, and Head Start facilities