Replacement Ear Cushions for E2-E3 - 50 Pairs


The EP-E3 Replacement Ear-Pads fit our E2 & E3 Earbuds which deliver performance at an economical price for teachers who are using a blended learning approach that mixes face-to-face instruction time with personal digital learning.

Ideal for use with listening centers and in libraries, this headphone is designed to give maximum flexibility so K-12 students can easily move from the monaural content of ELL/ELD activities and speech pathology uses to the stereo requirements of computers, gaming, online learning, music appreciation classes and 21st-century learning using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The E2 and E3 Ear Buds are popular options for students and teachers, providing them with a slim, comfortable, and lightweight mode for listening to audio.

With many students using the earbuds or individuals using the earbuds frequently, the ear cushions might require a replacement.

The Replacement Ear Cushions for E2/E3 are specifically designed to provide the perfect fit, and there are 50 pairs included to outfit the entire classroom ear buds’ with a new set of cushions.



  • Designed to be replacements
  • Compatible with E2 Ear Bud and E3 Earbud
  • Pack size: 50 (pairs)