Replacement Ear Pads for 2800 Series


The Listening First Series headphones are designed to last, and educators can make them last as long as possible by using the Replacement Ear Pads. Renewing the ear caps extends the life of the headphones, providing students with fresh, clean cushions for their ears. This is ideal for frequently used headphones, lost ear pads, or just for having extras on hand.

The EP-2800 Replacement Ear-Pads fit our 2800 & 2810 headphone/headset which deliver performance at an economical price for teachers who are using a blended learning approach that mixes face-to-face instruction time with personal digital learning. Ideal for use with listening centers, computers, and in libraries, they are designed to give maximum flexibility so K-12 students can easily move from the monaural content of ELL/ELD activities and speech pathology uses to the stereo requirements of computers, gaming, online learning, music appreciation classes and 21st-century learning using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.



  • Replacement items
  • Designed for 2800 Series headphones/headsets


Minimum Order: 5