Replacement Ear Pads for 2924-3066 Series


Inexpensive equipment can be expensive when you need to replace it on a regular basis. The cost adds up quickly and wastes valuable resources. Save money and the environment by avoiding the need to discard old, worn-out headsets.

Also, many classrooms integrate audio into their lessons frequently, putting wear and tear on headphones and headsets for the classroom. Educators can maintain high-quality listening centers. Keep classroom audio devices in working condition by replacing worn-out ear pads with Replacement Ear Pads for 2924/3066 Series. These pads can help you maintain high-quality listening centers while reducing the amount of waste in your school or business

With the ability to replace the ear pads, teachers can make their equipment last longer.


  • Replacement components
  • Designed for use with 2924/3066 Series headphones/headsets
  • You can save by avoiding the need to discard worn0out headsets by replacing the ear pads