Transmitter and Mic for Ultra Portable PA


Teachers are always on the go. Whether teaching in a small or large classroom they have to carry around a PA system. The Transmitter and Mic for the Ultra-Portable PA give educators everything they need to use their PA.

The long transmission range allows them to speak and project from across the room, using a wireless mic that doesn’t have the hassle of short or tangled cords.

With volume controls, teachers can adjust the sound based on class size and location.

The long transmission range of this transmitter gives teachers options for where they can place their PA system, without fear of them not being able to speak. Volume controls allow teachers to make adjustments as needed based on their class size and location so they can clearly project their voice throughout the classroom.


  • Wireless microphone Mic has 30’ transmission range
  • Volume controls
  • Sturdy ABS plastic construction