Wireless Headphone Transmitter - Blue


The Blue Wireless Headphone Transmitter is ideal for use in the classroom, language learning, literacy groups, ELL / ELD applications, and library uses with compatible wireless headphones.

With a blue color code and 72.500 MHz frequency. It will transmit pre-recorded audio content or verbal instructions to an unlimited number of its corresponding color-coded headphones.

Multiple students can connect their classroom headphones to the transmitter and participate in collaborative, audio-centered programs.

For added convenience, the transmitter features a 100’ connection for easy wireless use.



  • Color: blue
  • 100’ range of wireless transmission
  • 72.100 MHz frequency
  • Warranty: 2 years from the date of purchase
CLS725-T Benefits and Highlights:
  • 1/4” audio input from any media source including computers
  • Unlimited number of listeners for each frequency
  • 100’ wireless transmission range from transmitter to wireless headphones and headsets
  • 1/4” mic input for transmission of teacher instructions
  • Choice of three (color-coded) VHF/FM frequencies for up to 3 groups of any size to work in the same room simultaneously without distraction or interference from crossover frequencies