Wireless Listening Center, 6 Station with Headphones and Transmitter, Multi Frequency


Hamilton Buhl 6 Person Wireless Listening Center
Wireless Listening Center for School includes six pair of Wireless School Headphones. The FM Transmitter allows you to connect students to the same audio source.

This 6 Person Wireless Listening Center Includes:

  • (1) W900-Multi Wireless Transmitter
Transmits high quality audio, up to 300 foot range, via FM signal to W901 series headphones. Connects to any analog audio source through a 1/8" stereo mini plug.

  • (6) W901-Multi - Wireless Multi-Channeled Headphones
With up to 35 hours of operating time between charges, with 12 to 14 hour charge time, this multi-channeled headphone delivers superb sound quality without wires or interference and is powered by classroom friendly internal NiMH battery.

Optional Accessories (not included):

  • HygenX45- Disposable sanitary ear cushion covers (box of 50 pairs).
  • Portable Automatic Headphone Sanitizer (HygenX4-MIN) - Patent pending sanitizer − developed and built by Hamilton Buhl − automatically and safely sanitizes headphones and other small electronic devices with UVC light irradiation.
Dimensions: 12 L x 10 H x 10 W
Weight: 8 lbs.