Wireless Upgrade Package


Modern devices are often wireless to provide added convenience, especially within the classroom. However, purchasing all new equipment can get pricey.

The Wireless Upgrade Package helps upgrade your existing classroom equipment, turning wired PA systems into wireless PA systems. This package includes a headset, transmitter, and receiver, as well as two charging cradles.

The WS-CK1 Wireless Upgrade Package from Califone enables you to upgrade your existing wired PA system into a wireless system and change the frequency range of a 700 MHz system to the FCC mandated 900 MHz frequency range.

The package includes a HBM319 headset microphone, a WS-T wireless transmitter, a WS-R wireless receiver, and two WS-CR charging cradles with power adapters. You can plug an anchored audio source such as an MP3 player or computer into the system and wirelessly transmit it to your existing wired PA system.

The transmitter provides an adjustable range of up to 300' within line of sight; it has a 3.5mm mic input to which the included HBM319 headset can be connected, and can be either worn on the hip or around the neck with a lanyard.


  • HBM-319 headset
  • WS-T wireless transmitter and WS-R wireless receiver
  • Two WS-CR charging cradles included
  • Power adapter included
  • Warranty: For use in school for 1 year