PowerPro Companion Speaker


The PowerPro Companion Speaker expands the range of existing PA systems, projecting with a powerful 90-watt speaker. The weather-resistant design is ideal for outdoor use, and rugged steel skid guards add protection and durability for long-lasting life. Other features include a 16-channel UHF wireless receiver with LCD display, volume, bass and treble controls, as well as front LEDs to indicate power, wireless reception and audio signal.
90-watt power Weather-resistant speaker Front LED indicators 16-channel UHF wireless receiver with LCD display, including volume and power control Volume, bass and treble controls to ensure sound quality One audio line, XLR socket Digital master volume and battery status LED indicators Battery on and off switch Switched/unswitched speaker out True AC/DC 110/220 universal power supply Steel skid guards 4-position steel handle CE/UL compliant Includes remote control for master volume