USB Infrared Transmitter for HIR Series


Educators can expand the connection capabilities of their headphones for the classroom with the USB Infrared Transmitter. Designed for use with the HIR Series of classroom headphones, the transmitter offers a USB connection for use with compatible computer systems. This allows students to complete computer programs for added learning.

The Califone HIR-TX1 is a wireless infrared USB transmitter. There is no limit to the number of listeners so long as they are within the 20' transmission range with a clear line of sight between the headphone and transmitter. It has a USB transmitter with a 10-inch semi-rigid USB extender. It is compatible with Mac or Windows. Use with HIR-HP1 Headphones. Use Califone's Wireless Infrared USB Transmitter in your group learning sessions without the mess of cords. This transmitter delivers an infrared signal up to 20' away with a clear line of sight to the headphones. Incorporate lessons from your computer with ease. Use with Califone's Infrared Stereo/Mono Headphones.

Califone USB transmitter with 10 in semi-rigid USB extender for Califone HIR-HP1 headphones. Two-year warranty with school use.



  • Offers USB connection
  • Encourages use of computer programs
  • Compatible with the HIR Series headphones
  • Warranty: 2 years with school use